Thursday, March 8, 2012

dream away everyday

[turtleneck: Joe Fresh  | vest: H&M | belt: Jacob | skirt: City Downtown (George Brown College) | boots: Michael Kors]

We've been having such a mild winter here in the city that this is the first time I've actually worn a turtleneck all season. With that being said, spring is almost here so it looks like the turtleneck will be going back into my dresser until next winter.

So, for every time I wear this faux fur vest, I will get at least one or two questions from guys asking me "is it real?" and "what did you kill to get that thing you're wearing?". Boys, they will never understand!

[nail polish: Essie - Lilacism, Essie - Pop Art Pink & American Apparel - Factory Grey]

More nail art fun with scotch tape! Pinterest has been an endless source of nail art ideas for me lately. Next time I think I'm going to replace the grey with mint green instead.


Fun fact! This outfit was shot the same day as M's outfit in the previous post. We unintentionally coordinated matching outfits in black and white/cream with a leopard accent. That's when you know you are bff's, haha.

- J

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