Monday, March 12, 2012

and i got swept away


So this is the first time I wore my new Jason Wu for Target blouse that I picked up from the pop-up shop a few weeks ago. The fit is great on me and I think it looks super cute, but I am sad to say that it has already ripped. The back arm/shoulder seams are falling apart. I cannot believe how poorly made this shirt was. I didn't even get a full day's wear out of it. It may not even be reparable since the fabric is fraying where it ripped. Boo.

Now I am hunting for a replacement in a similar colour.

[ring: vintage | nail polish: Sephora by OPI - Traffic-Stopper Copper]

[earrings: Forever 21 | blouse: Jason Wu for Target | shorts: Club Monaco | shoes: ALDO]

- J


  1. That's such a sad news for such a gorgeous blouse! :( That's the thing with designer collaborations, though. We can never expect the quality to be at par with the real deal. *insert sad face here*

    But it still looks lovely with a matching nail polish and bold red lips :)

    1. Thanks Kristy!

      Yeah...really disappointed with the quality of the shirt. I didn't expect it to tear so soon though, I mean I have a dress that's Richard Chai for Target and it has held up amazingly. I think it's a combo of the fabric + craftsmanship.