Wednesday, February 1, 2012

you used to captivate me

Happy February! I don't know I remember the last time the temperatures were in the +s in the middle of winter. I’m also in disbelief that a whole month of 2012 has already gone by. The weeks have been flying by.

Like J, I’ve also been bitten by the bright-colour-pants bug! I also got a red pair (which will appear in the near future). I actually wore these into the office, my entire floor was out-of-town for a conference, so I was completely alone. The pants actually kept me awake, when I felt a bit drowsy or tired looking down instantly woke me up. I would have laughed at you a couple years ago if you told me I would become an advocate for bright blue and red pants. Most Torontonians live in dark colours, so these pants are definitely not for anyone who doesn’t want to get noticed.

[top: GAP | tank: Forever21 | pants: H&M | shoes: Aerosoles | necklace: Forever 21]

At work I also noticed that I matched the blue bins. This outfit is bought to you by recycling!

- M


  1. I recently got a pair of royal blue jeans as well! They're being altered right now (damn you short legs!), but I can't wait to wear them out :) Love the pairing with the see-through top, I especially love the draped neckline :) And of course, the blue bin makes a fabulous accessory! :p

    1. Thanks Kristy!
      I have the same problem too! Despite being tall-ish my legs in proportion are short. I either have a long torso or a giant head haha.

    2. i got the hot pink version of those same pants! high five!
      wore them to work and not one of my coworkers batted an eye. i guess since they're so used to me wearing hot pink tops, they're not even phased by hot pink bottoms. so much for the shock-factor :(
      i wish i got royal blue though...cuz everyone else has royal blue (bandwagon jumper much, am i?)!
      mine are also waaay too long though...where is everyone going to get theirs altered??? i'm traumatized by the last time i went to get something altered (can we just say they had to be capris after that?)..

    3. HAHA! Yesterday at H&M I saw that the pile of blue ones was the smallest! I might test out bright red pants at work come Spring lol but I am at an insurance company so I'm sure most of what I wear is tip toeing it!
      I think mine were not that bad. They just scrunch up at the bottom a bit :) lol maybe double-sided fabric tape would serve you better!