Friday, February 10, 2012

won't stop to surrender

I've been hiding in my chunky circle scarf aka snood. Why you ask, am I channelling a Babushka? This past Monday I injured my right hand playing volleyball. Everyone who I show my hand to makes a prune face and sucks air in...similar to reactions when a man gets kicked in the nads. Being right handed and not being able to use that hand for four days has been very trying. I live alone so even doing simple everyday tasks become 10x harder. (ie. writing this whole post with just my left hand)
Aside from being a lot slower, I've still been going about my daily routine with little change. When my hand is really sore, stiff or painful the scarf helps, since it reminds me of wrapping myself in a warm blanket. Not to mention I'm constantly icing my hand throughout the day which gives me the chills.
Keep your fingers crossed for my that I start recovering soon! I'm still awaiting x-ray results from Tuesday, Canadian healthcare is slow. 

[blazer and pants: H&M | sweater: Zara | boots: Aerosoles | scarf/snood: gift]

- M

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