Thursday, February 16, 2012

spin me round again and rub my eyes


As much as I love this top, it doesn't get as much wear as I would like it to. Mostly because my back gets cold and it starts to slip off my shoulders as the day goes on, probably due to the material it is made out of. I've been trying lately to rediscover things I have hidden away in my closet and dresser. This sweater is a prime example of something I have "rediscovered". It was the first thing I ever bought from MIKKAT MARKET, whose blog I discovered before she opened her online shop. I pretty much love everything she has for sale and I adore how she personally styles each item. 


[nail polish: Essie - Carry On]

[top: MIKKAT MARKET | necklace: Forever 21 | jeans: Joe Fresh | boots: Nine West]

- J


  1. ooh i've been eyeing things at mikkat market! how was shipping? also, i'm gonna need a close up of those boots. they look very cute.

    1. Shipping is quite reasonable! I've only ever ordered one thing at a time, but it only cost me $4-5. You can actually add things to your cart and go to checkout, select your country to see how much shipping costs. Nothing annoys me more than finding out shipping to Canada from certain websites costs like $20 :(

      Haha, another look at the boots can be found here...