Wednesday, February 22, 2012

right me when i'm wrong

Despite the fact that spring and summer are still months away, I've already managed to buy 2 sundress (*coughSHOPAHOLICcough*...they were both at a good price, I swear!) Since that section of my closet had been neglected for the last few months, I finally poked around in there in the hopes that I can minimize repeat clothing purchases.
While digging around I found this H&M pseudo-leopard dress I bought last spring for only $14.95. I don't have a lot of prints, so I enjoy wearing them to help fight winter drab! I wore it as a skirt and layered a top and vest over it because it is sleeveless. Add in bold purple tights (brighter in real life) and there you go, Winter-appropriate wear that won't get odd looks from passers-by.
Cold weather shouldn't prevent you from giving some of your summer pieces some love.

[dress worn as skirt, vest and tights: H&M | top and necklace : Forever21 | shoes: Liz Claiborne]

[nails: Revlon - Peach Nectar & Gold Get 'Em | bracelets: H&M]

- M

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  1. Cool layering! I couldn't tell it's a dress until you mentioned it! :)