Tuesday, February 14, 2012

keep your heart close to the ground

[cardigan and belt: H&M | blouse: Joe Fresh | pants: Urban Planet | boots: Aerosoles ]

Red pants seemed appropriate for a post for Valentine's Day! I don't really buy into the hype of Valentine's, but how could a day that encourages people to give me chocolate possibly be bad? I plan on eating a crap-load of it today!
I'm only realizing as I post this, how close this looks to J's original red pants OOTD. We clearly both like navy and bright red together. Credit again goes out to Bonnie, who original tipped us off to where to find them, speaking of which, she has already tweeted us that every colour of the rainbow landed in Urban Planet stores this past week. I haven't shopped there since high school but since I don't see new found love of bold bottoms dying any time soon, I will be checking it out.
I'm actually also wearing the bow shirt J wore here, with the bow untied of course. We share the same taste in a lot of things and will often buy the same item only later to find out the other has it too! I personally like seeing different people's takes on the same article of clothing so hopefully this isn't too much of a repeat for you all!

- M

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