Friday, February 24, 2012

J buys: Jason Wu for Target

If you follow me on Twitter than you will have known that yesterday I made it out to the Jason Wu for Target pop-up shop on King street!


I had an 8am class that happened to let us out early yesterday, so a few friends and I managed to make it down there by 10:30am. Surprisingly, the line was rather short. An hour later, that changed completely (as seen in the photo above, that was the crowd behind us). Doors opened at noon, with the first 25 being allowed in 10 minutes early to shop and get a photo-op with Jason Wu himself (we were sad we didn't get a chance to see him)! We were inside the shop by 12:10pm. Divide and conquer! You always need good friends to help shop sales like these.


Ana, Hannah (who let me steal borrow a few of her iPhone photos for this post <3) and I after the chaos. Good times! Yes, that is a plush Bullseye (they were being given out while we were in line) peeking out from my bag, hehe.


My buys! Picked up the long-sleeved blouse in blush pink (it actually has white polka dots on it, definitely can't tell from the lookbook photos of the collection), the pleated canvas skirt and the very coveted cat print scarf. It was so hard just picking 3 pieces to buy, there was so much I wanted! Look out for these pieces in future OOTD posts!

- J


  1. wait wait is that a real dog with the bullseye on his face? :( or just a really realistic looking plush? the small plush is cute, but i hope that's not a real doggy with a painted face :(

    ps: that skirt looks so promising. style it now! go go go!

    1. Oh yesss, that is a REAL dog with a bullseye on his face. I believe it's the same one they use in their commercials as well.

      re: skirt. haha in due time! :D