Friday, February 3, 2012

it's like we're chasing all those stars


[rings: vintage diamond ring from my grandmother, Etsy | nail polish: Essie - Shine of the Times,  Chanel - Blue Satin]

[necklaces: Forever 21, Material Girl (the Bay)]

I've been really digging neon yellow accents lately, especially in my jewellery. This necklace is actually this one from Forever 21, but I didn't like the chain fringe on the bottom of it, so with the help of some needle-nosed pliers, I tweaked it to my liking. Stayed tuned for a future post featuring another Forever 21 necklace I will be customizing over the next few days!

[shirt: H&M | sweater: J.Crew | belt: Joe Fresh | jeans: Levi's | boots: Nine West]


Another look at my nails. I cannot even begin to describe how cool Essie's Shine of the Times looks. Depending on the light, it ranges from red-orange to green. As I type this, I am actually wearing it over a pale colour, which looks totally different from these photos. Definitely a very fun colour to play around with!

- J


  1. Love the layer statement necklaces... I was looking for a cheap neon one like that... Now I know where to look :)

    1. Thanks Kiki! Forever 21 is by far my fave place to pick up trendy costume jewellery on a budget.