Tuesday, February 28, 2012

and it really makes me wonder


So this is the necklace that I had been obsessed with and finally found when I had given up on finding it (re: this post)! 

[nail polish: Chanel - Blue Satin, OPI - What's with the Catitude?]

With the help of a dotting tool I was able to make my polish swirl and bleed together, I thought the end result was pretty fun! The downside is that you have to work quickly or else the polish starts to get gooey.

[top: Joe Fresh | necklace: Forever 21 | trousers: Zara | boots: Sam Edelman]

Hard to tell from this photo, but I'm wearing the same Zara trousers shown in this post, this post and this post (haha I love them). Shooting indoors makes my black clothes blend together. M and I are eagerly awaiting shooting outside once again (since we tend to meet up later in the day to take photos)! We think in a couple of weeks we'll be able to.

- J

Sunday, February 26, 2012

it could have been me and you

Your eyes don't fool you! I'm actually wearing a winter appropriate outfit for once! My fondness of baggy men's sweaters and bright pants come together in this post. I had to return the men's sweater I wore in this post so I helped myself to a new one! It has been doing a great job keeping me warm and cozy. My workplace has an air-system that seems determined to turn everyone into ice cubes. It should go without saying that cold air should not be blowing onto my head when its -5 outside! But I digress, simple outfits still dominate my day-to-day style, and it doesn't get easier than a baggy sweater and pants.

[beaded bracelet: DIY | chain wrap bracelet: Forever21 |  crystal chain: Swarovski]

Also, I've developed a serious addiction to bracelets lately. Thanks to some DIYs from HonestlyWTF I plan on added many more to my collection! J and I got some supplies at Queen West just last Saturday and I've already made 5 beaded bracelets. They are a great way to add a bit of sparkle and colour to any outfit.

[men's sweater: Banana Republic | pants: Urban Planet | boots: Aerosoles]

- M

Friday, February 24, 2012

J buys: Jason Wu for Target

If you follow me on Twitter than you will have known that yesterday I made it out to the Jason Wu for Target pop-up shop on King street!


I had an 8am class that happened to let us out early yesterday, so a few friends and I managed to make it down there by 10:30am. Surprisingly, the line was rather short. An hour later, that changed completely (as seen in the photo above, that was the crowd behind us). Doors opened at noon, with the first 25 being allowed in 10 minutes early to shop and get a photo-op with Jason Wu himself (we were sad we didn't get a chance to see him)! We were inside the shop by 12:10pm. Divide and conquer! You always need good friends to help shop sales like these.


Ana, Hannah (who let me steal borrow a few of her iPhone photos for this post <3) and I after the chaos. Good times! Yes, that is a plush Bullseye (they were being given out while we were in line) peeking out from my bag, hehe.


My buys! Picked up the long-sleeved blouse in blush pink (it actually has white polka dots on it, definitely can't tell from the lookbook photos of the collection), the pleated canvas skirt and the very coveted cat print scarf. It was so hard just picking 3 pieces to buy, there was so much I wanted! Look out for these pieces in future OOTD posts!

- J

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

right me when i'm wrong

Despite the fact that spring and summer are still months away, I've already managed to buy 2 sundress (*coughSHOPAHOLICcough*...they were both at a good price, I swear!) Since that section of my closet had been neglected for the last few months, I finally poked around in there in the hopes that I can minimize repeat clothing purchases.
While digging around I found this H&M pseudo-leopard dress I bought last spring for only $14.95. I don't have a lot of prints, so I enjoy wearing them to help fight winter drab! I wore it as a skirt and layered a top and vest over it because it is sleeveless. Add in bold purple tights (brighter in real life) and there you go, Winter-appropriate wear that won't get odd looks from passers-by.
Cold weather shouldn't prevent you from giving some of your summer pieces some love.

[dress worn as skirt, vest and tights: H&M | top and necklace : Forever21 | shoes: Liz Claiborne]

[nails: Revlon - Peach Nectar & Gold Get 'Em | bracelets: H&M]

- M

Monday, February 20, 2012

i just came to say hello


Can I talk about how much I love this top? Mint green, sheer and with an embellished collar, love, love, love. Shout outs to my lovely friends Ana and Sanem (hi guys!) for seeing it and telling me I should buy it because it's so me (yes, this top is forever known as "the Jenn shirt" now, haha).

[nail polish: Sephora by OPI - Run With It! & Butter London - Rosie Lee]

A fun nail design one of my friend's pinned on Pinterest! When I saw the photo, I just knew I had to try it out for myself. Easily done with the help of some scotch tape. Do you have Pinterest? You can check out my boards/add me here!


So as you know from the last post, M and I went shopping downtown on Saturday! We picked up matching bracelets (twinsies!) from Durumi & Chocolate Shoes on Queen West. I've been in this boutique a few times before and they always have such lovely merchandise, all from Korea I think. I'll definitely be stopping by more often to check out their jewellery selection which is really cute and quite affordable!

[blazer: Club Monaco | top: City Uptown (George Brown College) | necklace: Forever 21 | 
jeans: Earnest Sewn | boots: Michael Kors]

- J

Saturday, February 18, 2012

i just want you to know who i am

The long weekend is finally here! J and I are spending today shopping downtown. I have a list of things to look for at Arton Beads for some DIY bracelets. I will keep this post short and sweet since it is just a work outfit. I'm still slightly disheveled looking due to the hand injury. Getting dress just isn't as fun when you've only got one good hand.

[blouse: Banana Republic | blazer and pants: H&M | tank: Forever21 | boots: Aerosoles ]

- M

Thursday, February 16, 2012

spin me round again and rub my eyes


As much as I love this top, it doesn't get as much wear as I would like it to. Mostly because my back gets cold and it starts to slip off my shoulders as the day goes on, probably due to the material it is made out of. I've been trying lately to rediscover things I have hidden away in my closet and dresser. This sweater is a prime example of something I have "rediscovered". It was the first thing I ever bought from MIKKAT MARKET, whose blog I discovered before she opened her online shop. I pretty much love everything she has for sale and I adore how she personally styles each item. 


[nail polish: Essie - Carry On]

[top: MIKKAT MARKET | necklace: Forever 21 | jeans: Joe Fresh | boots: Nine West]

- J

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

keep your heart close to the ground

[cardigan and belt: H&M | blouse: Joe Fresh | pants: Urban Planet | boots: Aerosoles ]

Red pants seemed appropriate for a post for Valentine's Day! I don't really buy into the hype of Valentine's, but how could a day that encourages people to give me chocolate possibly be bad? I plan on eating a crap-load of it today!
I'm only realizing as I post this, how close this looks to J's original red pants OOTD. We clearly both like navy and bright red together. Credit again goes out to Bonnie, who original tipped us off to where to find them, speaking of which, she has already tweeted us that every colour of the rainbow landed in Urban Planet stores this past week. I haven't shopped there since high school but since I don't see new found love of bold bottoms dying any time soon, I will be checking it out.
I'm actually also wearing the bow shirt J wore here, with the bow untied of course. We share the same taste in a lot of things and will often buy the same item only later to find out the other has it too! I personally like seeing different people's takes on the same article of clothing so hopefully this isn't too much of a repeat for you all!

- M

Sunday, February 12, 2012

this time baby, I'll be bulletproof


[bracelets: J.Crew & Forever 21]

My newfound love affair with neon accents continues! Last week I managed to find the neon Forever 21 necklace that started it all. I don't even have a link for what it looks like from the website because it was sold out weeks ago! I remember the day I decided that I was going to order it online, they were all gone. So I spent the next while after that trying to find it in stores, but no luck. Eventually I gave up, settled for a different one (the one I'm wearing in this post) and started DIY-ing my own (more on that later!). Low and behold, after I gave up hope, I found one last Thursday downtown. It was meant to be, haha.

On an unrelated note, I'm wearing my new favourite dark red lipstick, Media by MAC. Love it.

[nail polish: Essie - Lilacism & Essie - Shine of the Times]

This is what Essie's Shine of the Times looks like over a pale polish, so different than over a dark colour eh? More subtle for sure, but just as pretty!

[blazer: H&M | top: Winners | jeans & necklace: Forever 21 | boots: Sam Edelman | bag: Rebecca Minkoff]

- J

Friday, February 10, 2012

won't stop to surrender

I've been hiding in my chunky circle scarf aka snood. Why you ask, am I channelling a Babushka? This past Monday I injured my right hand playing volleyball. Everyone who I show my hand to makes a prune face and sucks air in...similar to reactions when a man gets kicked in the nads. Being right handed and not being able to use that hand for four days has been very trying. I live alone so even doing simple everyday tasks become 10x harder. (ie. writing this whole post with just my left hand)
Aside from being a lot slower, I've still been going about my daily routine with little change. When my hand is really sore, stiff or painful the scarf helps, since it reminds me of wrapping myself in a warm blanket. Not to mention I'm constantly icing my hand throughout the day which gives me the chills.
Keep your fingers crossed for my that I start recovering soon! I'm still awaiting x-ray results from Tuesday, Canadian healthcare is slow. 

[blazer and pants: H&M | sweater: Zara | boots: Aerosoles | scarf/snood: gift]

- M

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

J loves: spring trends

Despite the very mild winter that Toronto has been experiencing this year, I am still longing for more sunshine, longer days and even warmer temperatures. Seasonal changes mean new wardrobe changes too! Here's what on my mind for spring this year...

Neon Accents
(left to right)
1. H&M neon yellow top
2. Shashi neon nugget bracelet
3. Cambridge Satchel Company The Fluoro satchel

I'm really digging neon accents for spring, especially in neon yellow. In my last outfit post I was already wearing a neon yellow statement necklace and my collection is slowly growing (which will be evident in future posts, hehe). I think it's a fun way to inject a really bright pop of colour into an otherwise neutral outfit.

Asymmetrical Hems
1. Zara asymmetric skirt
2. Forever 21 cascading tail skirt
3. Zero + Maria Cornejo dress

My love for all things asymmetrical continues on for the upcoming season! I already picked up a skirt like the Zara one above and my Helmut Lang shirt dress from boxing day has not been worn yet either. The weather isn't quite warm enough for me to wear either, but I know that will come in due time.

Sorbet/Pastel Hues
1. Forever 21 Love 21 zip pocket skinny jeans
2. ACNE shining crepe shirt
3. J.Crew sinclair dress

Lastly, my favourite part about spring...the return of colour! Mint green and peachy coral items will be at the top of my list!

- J

runway images from style.com

Sunday, February 5, 2012

i'll be here patiently waiting to see what you find

February has barely started and I'm already in full on Spring mode. Last year one of the biggest trends was  colour-blocking, honestly I think it always existed, just suddenly someone slapped a label on it and we started to see brighter colours being mixed. I've always loved pairing the primary colours. If colours are intimidating to you, I suggest easing into it with fun and bold accessories. A bold scarf or belt can make a world of difference.
I've clearly also developed a bracelet addiction! I just started making bright friendship bracelets to add even more colour to my wrists.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

[bracelets: Forever 21 & DIY | polish: Revlon - Midnight Affair & Essie - Shine of the Times]

[cardigan and belt: GAP | tank and necklace: H&M | skirt: Zara | tights: Walmart | shoes: Liz Claiborne ]

- M

Friday, February 3, 2012

it's like we're chasing all those stars


[rings: vintage diamond ring from my grandmother, Etsy | nail polish: Essie - Shine of the Times,  Chanel - Blue Satin]

[necklaces: Forever 21, Material Girl (the Bay)]

I've been really digging neon yellow accents lately, especially in my jewellery. This necklace is actually this one from Forever 21, but I didn't like the chain fringe on the bottom of it, so with the help of some needle-nosed pliers, I tweaked it to my liking. Stayed tuned for a future post featuring another Forever 21 necklace I will be customizing over the next few days!

[shirt: H&M | sweater: J.Crew | belt: Joe Fresh | jeans: Levi's | boots: Nine West]


Another look at my nails. I cannot even begin to describe how cool Essie's Shine of the Times looks. Depending on the light, it ranges from red-orange to green. As I type this, I am actually wearing it over a pale colour, which looks totally different from these photos. Definitely a very fun colour to play around with!

- J

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

you used to captivate me

Happy February! I don't know I remember the last time the temperatures were in the +s in the middle of winter. I’m also in disbelief that a whole month of 2012 has already gone by. The weeks have been flying by.

Like J, I’ve also been bitten by the bright-colour-pants bug! I also got a red pair (which will appear in the near future). I actually wore these into the office, my entire floor was out-of-town for a conference, so I was completely alone. The pants actually kept me awake, when I felt a bit drowsy or tired looking down instantly woke me up. I would have laughed at you a couple years ago if you told me I would become an advocate for bright blue and red pants. Most Torontonians live in dark colours, so these pants are definitely not for anyone who doesn’t want to get noticed.

[top: GAP | tank: Forever21 | pants: H&M | shoes: Aerosoles | necklace: Forever 21]

At work I also noticed that I matched the blue bins. This outfit is bought to you by recycling!

- M