Sunday, January 22, 2012

some kind of secret I will share with you

[blazer: H&M | shirt: American Eagle (men's) | leggings: Walmart | boots: Michael Kors | purse: Rebecca Minkoff]

Somehow on my search for the perfect button down shirt with contrasting cuffs (not shown here) the other year, I ended up finding this shirt in the men's clearance section at American Eagle. I admit that I occasionally do actually shop in both the men's (American Eagle, H&M) and children's (Gap Kids) sections of certain stores. As long as the fit is right, that's all that matters! While I'm on the topic of buying clothes in places I usually don't shop in, those Walmart leggings were a random $8 find meant for a costume two Halloweens ago. It's hard to tell from the photos, but they pretty much look like the American Apparel shiny legging, but of course for a fraction of the AA price!

[necklace: Material Girl (the Bay)]

[ring: Expression (the Bay) | nail polish: Essie - Mint Candy Apple | Kiss Nail Art Paint - white]

Another snake ring to my collection! I have a thing for snake rings, I don't know why. By far this is the most unique one that I own.



- J


  1. totally spamming your blog with comments, as i haven't read any blogs lately and i'm catching up...but that is an AWESOME ring. my snake ring is from thomas sabo (posted a photo of it on my instagram a while ago) and it's a very simple design. it's kind of pricy-ish, but if you ever drop by yorkdale, check it out at the sabo store. [[side note: you just @'d me on twitter about pink hair. feelin' the luv haha]]

    also, i have that same polish (but i can't find it in my room)! :D

    1. Haha thanks Jae, I will have to look now next time I'm at Yorkdale! Need moreee snake rings to add to my collection lol