Tuesday, January 24, 2012

i’m reaching out to feel alive

[top: gift from J | faux leather shorts, necklace and bracelet: H&M | tights: Joe Fresh ]

While I await for Spring, and particularily for later sunsets to return, I'm afraid everyone will have to put up with the occasional moody dramatically lit shots! This pseudo outfit shot was taken on a rainy grey day.
We have been getting unusally warm weather in Toronto. Last year around this time, I was wearing on average 6-7 layers of clothing each day.
Since the temperature has remained on the plus side,  I've been able to get away with wearing shorter sleeve lengths underneath my winter coats. J gave me this top for Christmas and I lived in it throughout the holidays (it conceals food babies really well). Dolman sleeves have have slowly been invading and taking over my closet recently.

[nails: Sally Hansen - Blackout | American Apparel - Meteor Shower ]

- M

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