Thursday, January 5, 2012

if the sea should swallow up my house

Thank god I have this outfit saved in the draft folder, otherwise I wouldn't be able to get a post up until at least next week. The past Tuesday I woke up with a fever of 40+ and have been bedridden ever since. I overestimated my recovery and trekked into work only to stay 1.5 hours before having to head back home. Since I still feel very weak and nauseous, I will keep this short. This is another nautical inspired look. Hope everyone had a fun new years and that you are all healthy and well!

[tank, top, earrings and scarf: Forever21 | pants and shoes: GAP | nails: Love&Beauty - Gold & Rimmel - Azteque]

- M


  1. Love it! I <3 stripes :)

  2. Love teh nails, very mui mui inspired =D

  3. Thanks Amy! I'm stripes obsessed too!

    Kiki - Thanks! I haven't seen what collection those are from.

  4. LOL,I was refering to all the pastel suede and glitter booties from Mui Mui this season

  5. LOL oh I thought they sent a similar mani down the runway or something.
    Clearly I don't follow miu miu very closely. I do love their satchel bags!