Monday, January 16, 2012

guess you thought you could just watch, no one's getting out

Happy Monday! An office lady appropriate outfit for today's post. Sometimes when I get dressed in the morning for work, I really wish I took more advantage of the open dress code I had as a student. I didn't get into experimenting with clothing until I graduated. At least my office only requires business casual, so I don't have to live in suits everyday.
I'm sure my choice of nail polish isn't for most people in an office setting, but it is the one thing I feel I can go all out with without looking unprofessional. I think dark polishes, especially black, is a staple in my collection. I must have at least 3 bottles of black alone.

[blouse, cardigan, skirt, and belt: H&M | shoes: Liz Claiborne | tights: GAP | polish: Sally Hansen - Black Out with Sally Girl Mini Polish - Chunky Silver Glitter]

Ignore the terrible posture and messy hair! It was just one of those days.

- M

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