Monday, January 30, 2012

it's all in the details

To me, it's all about the little things that really make an outfit. Sometimes it's some great statement jewellery, sparkly nails, a bright pop of lipstick or a fun belt. Here are some new things I've acquired lately that having been "making" my recent outfits.

Tiffany & Co., Forever 21 (middle), the rest are from J.Crew

MAC satin lipstick - Media, Essie Luxeffects - Shine of the Times, ORLY - Fowl Play

Shine of the Times looks really fun on, I'll promise you'll see them in an upcoming OOTD post! Also, I can't wait to wear the new MAC lipstick I just bought on Saturday. I think I've finally found the dark red I've been looking for!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock studs, the rest are from Forever 21

These days, all I've been wearing are studs. I think I should rotate my dangly earrings back in, time to change it up again.

- J

Saturday, January 28, 2012

i let go, i fell in



I often repeat variations of the same outfit. The first time I wore this was in a post from last month. I picked up the purple version of the sweater from Zara just the other week. It marked down to $9.99! I'm fairly certain I bought the blue one during summer markdowns.
This time around I added blouse underneath, left my sweater untucked, and wore boots and voila new outfit with the same basic items. Clothing for an office setting, even when casual, should just be kept simple and understated.

On an unrelated note, I'm spending today playing indoor beach volleyball at Beachblast for ICEWAVE, which is a charity event raising funds for SickKids Foundation. (Otherwise I would definitely be sleeping in!) Not only is it for a great cause, I absolutely love volleyball. I play every Monday night in a league. Sometimes I think as readers, we see bloggers as one-dimensional, but that's generally not the case. Since I enjoy when my favourite bloggers share occasional tidbits about themselves, I'll be doing the same every now and then.
Wish my team luck!

[blouse: H&M | sweater: Zara | skirt and ring: Forever 21 | tights: Jessica | boots: Aerosoles | polish: nails: Rimmel - Grey Matter]

- M

Thursday, January 26, 2012

code red


[bracelets: J.Crew, Forever 21, H&M]


This is first time I have ever bought and worn such brightly coloured bottoms! I have to say now, I love it! It's adds such a bright pop of colour to my otherwise dark winter outfits. Now all I want is more pairs of brightly coloured pants. I already bought a pair of muted mint green ones and am on the hunt for a bright coral and maybe pale pink pair as well. Shout out to Bonnie for finding red pants at a cheap price point, thanks for the tip woman!

[blazer: Club Monaco | tank: J.Crew | jeans: Urban Planet | boots: Michael Kors | bag: Louis Vuitton]

- J

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

i’m reaching out to feel alive

[top: gift from J | faux leather shorts, necklace and bracelet: H&M | tights: Joe Fresh ]

While I await for Spring, and particularily for later sunsets to return, I'm afraid everyone will have to put up with the occasional moody dramatically lit shots! This pseudo outfit shot was taken on a rainy grey day.
We have been getting unusally warm weather in Toronto. Last year around this time, I was wearing on average 6-7 layers of clothing each day.
Since the temperature has remained on the plus side,  I've been able to get away with wearing shorter sleeve lengths underneath my winter coats. J gave me this top for Christmas and I lived in it throughout the holidays (it conceals food babies really well). Dolman sleeves have have slowly been invading and taking over my closet recently.

[nails: Sally Hansen - Blackout | American Apparel - Meteor Shower ]

- M

Sunday, January 22, 2012

some kind of secret I will share with you

[blazer: H&M | shirt: American Eagle (men's) | leggings: Walmart | boots: Michael Kors | purse: Rebecca Minkoff]

Somehow on my search for the perfect button down shirt with contrasting cuffs (not shown here) the other year, I ended up finding this shirt in the men's clearance section at American Eagle. I admit that I occasionally do actually shop in both the men's (American Eagle, H&M) and children's (Gap Kids) sections of certain stores. As long as the fit is right, that's all that matters! While I'm on the topic of buying clothes in places I usually don't shop in, those Walmart leggings were a random $8 find meant for a costume two Halloweens ago. It's hard to tell from the photos, but they pretty much look like the American Apparel shiny legging, but of course for a fraction of the AA price!

[necklace: Material Girl (the Bay)]

[ring: Expression (the Bay) | nail polish: Essie - Mint Candy Apple | Kiss Nail Art Paint - white]

Another snake ring to my collection! I have a thing for snake rings, I don't know why. By far this is the most unique one that I own.



- J

Friday, January 20, 2012

it looks as though you're letting go



[dress & blazer: Zara | shoes: Liz Claiborne | tights: Joe Fresh]

Here is that Zara dress I picked up on boxing day. I didn't get much of a deal on it and purchased it for only $10 off regular price (its now marked down further to only $29.99) but it was worth every penny. It is all about the details with this dress. The the low cut back, scalloped lace hemline, and the full length exposed gold zipper.
Since I wore it into the office, I made sure to pair it with dark tights, a blazer and stuck to flats to make it look more work appropriate.

On an unrelated note, I didn't mention it in my last post, but the past Sunday was my birthday. As I get older, the more I find tend to prefer quieter celebrations. I had cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Clearly I'm never going to outgrow my sweet tooth) Today I'm having dinner with J and our other best friend K at one of our favourite restaurants, Gonoe Sushi.
Already hungrily anticipating teriyaki tofu!

[polish: Love Beauty - Royal | Revlon - Gold Get Em with American Apparel - Meteor Shower]

- M

Wednesday, January 18, 2012




I said I would try to wear more colour this winter, but I suppose old habits die hard. Haha, so here's another all black outfit. I know it's kinda hard to see from the photos, but I'm wearing a tunic and a skirt. The tunic was purchased from the Jeremy Laing & Complex Geometries end of season/sample sale held last month. Another draped piece of clothing to add to my ever growing collection!

[top: Jeremy Laing | belt: Anthropologie | skirt: gruhche on Etsy | leggings: Talula (Aritzia) over H&M | boots: Browns | bracelets: H&M & J.Crew | purse: Rebecca Minkoff]

[nail polish: ORLY - Fowl Play, Love & Beauty (Forever 21) - purple glitter & Deborah Lippman - Today Was a Fairy Tale]

I love the draping on the back of this top!

- J

Monday, January 16, 2012

guess you thought you could just watch, no one's getting out

Happy Monday! An office lady appropriate outfit for today's post. Sometimes when I get dressed in the morning for work, I really wish I took more advantage of the open dress code I had as a student. I didn't get into experimenting with clothing until I graduated. At least my office only requires business casual, so I don't have to live in suits everyday.
I'm sure my choice of nail polish isn't for most people in an office setting, but it is the one thing I feel I can go all out with without looking unprofessional. I think dark polishes, especially black, is a staple in my collection. I must have at least 3 bottles of black alone.

[blouse, cardigan, skirt, and belt: H&M | shoes: Liz Claiborne | tights: GAP | polish: Sally Hansen - Black Out with Sally Girl Mini Polish - Chunky Silver Glitter]

Ignore the terrible posture and messy hair! It was just one of those days.

- M

Saturday, January 14, 2012

sweater weather

1 (2)

To be honest, I used to hate sweaters, but they've grown on me the last few winters. Blazers (my usual winter uniform staple) just don't give the same amount of warmth and coziness that sweaters provide. In fact, I just picked up a new one last weekend from J Crew for $20 (hello additional 50% last ticketed price sale!). The Ralph Lauren cable knit sweaters (like the one I'm wearing here) are my absolute fave, I actually own two! People who know me well know that I never double up on anything I buy, even if they come in different colours. The ones I own are 100% cotton which means no pilling and machine washable! Nothing bugs me more than 100% acrylic sweaters because they pill like crazy after a few wears.

1 (22)
[nail polish: Butter London - Rosie Lee]

1 (19)
[shirt: Community (Aritizia) | sweater: Ralph Lauren | faux-fur scarf & jeans: Joe Fresh | boots: Sam Edelman]

I'm wearing those gold jeans again. They have been fading slowly with wash, which makes me sad because I love them so much!

- J

Thursday, January 12, 2012

M loves: Spring/Summer 2012 trends

J is experiencing internet issues today so to tide you over until she can post, here are some examples of my favourite trends from Spring/Summer 2012 runways.

source images from

Nothing screams warm weather like crisp whites. I love how they look with an accent colour, particularly pale pastels and black. The upcoming season is full of bright oranges and greens, but I'm finding that the sorbet inspired pastels that have been drawing my attention. Spring collections should be landing in most retail stores soon, so I will be on the hunt for pieces in creamsicle orange and barely there yellow.

 source images from

I also love the monochromatic look that hit the runways this season. I used to think that wearing the same colour head-to-toe could only look outdated and boring. After browsing through some collections, the idea is starting to grow on me. For suits, I like more unusual colours like pale pink or electric blue from top to bottom and for dresses, I like the look on maxi dresses with sheer fabrics. I'll post an inspired OOTD if I can find something that works for me.

Winter has barely started and I'm already dreaming of spring. Is anyone else looking forward to a particular trend?

- M

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

in another life I would make you stay

So my immune system has finally defeated the flu and I'm a fully functional human being again. I was developing cabin fever from being quarantined at home for most of last week, so I have really been enjoying the mild weather we've been having in Toronto the last two days. Despite being a winter baby, I don't think I will ever love cold weather or ever miss snow. 
I really need to pick up a few thicker sweaters for layering once the real winter temperatures are upon us but I'm still waiting on a replacement credit card since I lost my current one on the 1st. The beginning of 2012 hasn't been very good, but it can only get better from here.

[top, cardigan, skirt, belt, necklace: Forever21 | tights and shoes: GAP]

- M

Sunday, January 8, 2012

all black everything


I have come to the realization that I wear A LOT of black during the colder months, this outfit is a prime example. Although, I try my best to break up the one colour-ness (yep, making up words here) with different fabric weights and textures to make all black outfits a little more visually interesting.

Therefore, my 2012 fashion resolution will be to try to incorporate more colour into my cold-weather wardrobe!


[blazer & top: Club Monaco | necklace: Forever 21 | trousers: Zara | boots: Sam Eldelman]

- J

Thursday, January 5, 2012

if the sea should swallow up my house

Thank god I have this outfit saved in the draft folder, otherwise I wouldn't be able to get a post up until at least next week. The past Tuesday I woke up with a fever of 40+ and have been bedridden ever since. I overestimated my recovery and trekked into work only to stay 1.5 hours before having to head back home. Since I still feel very weak and nauseous, I will keep this short. This is another nautical inspired look. Hope everyone had a fun new years and that you are all healthy and well!

[tank, top, earrings and scarf: Forever21 | pants and shoes: GAP | nails: Love&Beauty - Gold & Rimmel - Azteque]

- M

Monday, January 2, 2012

J buys: boxing week 2011

Happy 2012 everyone!! I hope everyone had a fun and fashionable night!

At one point M and I were at the same party but outfit shots eluded us (having too much fun), but I'm sure we will wear those outfits again. Next time there will be photos!

Since M posted some of her favourite buys from our Boxing Day trip together...Here are mine from Boxing Week (I squeezed in a visit to Vaughan Mills last Friday).

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Clutch from Holt Renfrew (almost half price thanks to a Friends & Family coupon) 
Pour La Victoire flats from StyleSense (20% off everything in store because it's closing)

Helmut Lang asymmetrical shirtdress from Holt Renfrew Last Call (originally $355, I bought it for about $56. Please excuse the wrinkles, I just pulled it out of the bag to snap a quick photo of)

My top tip for efficient Boxing Day shopping? Wear clothes that allow you to quickly try on clothes outside of the fitting rooms. Tanks and leggings are the way to go! This is what I wore on Boxing Day (yes, that IS a child's sweater, it's XXL, haha):

[sweater: GAP Kids | tank: J.Crew | leggings: Garage | boots: Michael Kors]

- J