Tuesday, December 27, 2011

M buys: boxing day 2011

Happy Holidays readers! (mostly my mom haha)

I hope everyone has been filling their bellies with tons of delicious food. Yesterday J and I went boxing day shopping. We met at 7:30am and I didn't get home until 8:30pm! These are some of my favourite buys.

Italian leather driving gloves from Club Monaco

Faux leather moto jacket from Urban Outfitters

1. Lace dress from Zara | 2. Metallic skirt from H&M | 3. Faux leather trim leggings from H&M
Its currently snowing and all my sunlight is gone so above photos are from their respective brand websites.

I also got a tank and another circle scarf from Forever 21 and a few things from Bath and Body Works.

All in all it was a successful shopping day! I love shopping with J since we know each others' taste and sizes and have now worked out a efficient system to get in and out of stores with the items we're searching for.

If I had to give 3 tips for boxing day shopping they would be:
1. Go with someone who enjoys shopping and divide and conquer! (always have one person holding a place in line)
2. Hit the malls early and leave before lunch or hit the malls late 1-2 hours before closing to avoid the crowds.
3. Pack your patience! With the right mindset, the crowds and lines won't get to you.

- M

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