Thursday, December 8, 2011

J Wants: christmas 2011 edition


It's hard to believe that it's already December the 8th! I am almost finished my Christmas shopping, how are all of you doing?

So in all good fun, this is my little list of what I'd like for Christmas this year! I think I've been a good girl for the most part ;)

1. Asymmetric Skirt $59.90, Zara
Haha, mullet skirt! My love of anything asymmetric continues.

2. The Fashion Book - Mini Edition $10.79, Chapters Indigo

3. Veronica Dress (Talula) $85, Aritzia
I currently don't own any dresses made from heavier weight fabrics. This one will go great with some warm tights, boots and cooler weather.

4. Mor Lip Macarons $10, Holt Renfrew
The flavors of these intrigue me! I'd love to try the peach nectar, lychee flower and blood orange ones.

5. Christian Louboutin $100.32, Chapters Indigo

6. Starbucks Logo Mug $8.95 USD, Starbucks
I collect Starbucks mugs. Sometimes friends will even bring back exclusive ones from different cities for me!

7. Monster Factory - Kyle (small) $12.95, Chapters Indigo
I refuse to be "too old" for stuffed toys, haha.

8. Vitello Lux "Bow Bag" (pale grey) $1595 USD, Miu Miu
I love this bag! It will definitely be the next one I own.

9. Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet $165, Tiffany & Co.
I have the same heart tag on a necklace. I think this bracelet would be cute stacked with my Michael Kors watch.

- J

(all images sourced from the links above)


  1. UGH! If only I could one day own a Miu Miu bag haha I can always dream! I have that dress for number 3! But I got it when the very first style of it came out....and it is WAY too short for me now :'(

  2. I too want a Miu Miu bag!! That and Mulberry bags are the only designer bags I covet!

  3. @Eme: I suppose I should have tried it on before putting it on my wishlist...I hope it's not too short! Tall girl problems lol.

    @Min: In due time, it shall be mine!!