Saturday, December 24, 2011

J wants: boxing day

M and I have been Boxing Day shopping together on and off since we were both in high school. However, things have changed since then. We are now 3 years running in our now Boxing Day shopping tradition (previous years involved shopping with our moms but they have both said that they can't handle the crowds anymore).

Each year, we refine the way we shop to be as efficient as possible (call us nerds, but we go in with a game plan!). Also, we shop all day, which means getting up early and heading home after the stores close. Crazy? Maybe, but we love it!

(Side story: last year because Boxing Day fell on a Sunday, the subways didn't start until 9am, which is the same time that Eaton Centre opened. I bribed my dad with breakfast from McDonalds in exchange for a ride downtown so that we'd be there when the mall opened, haha.)

boxing day

Here is a list of what I am on the hunt for...

1. Fashion DVDs. Walmart and HMV always have great deals on DVDs after the holidays. Although I am not searching for big blockbuster hits, I am hoping to find some of the fashion films I have seen (or not seen yet!) on sale.

2. A sparkly/sequined mini. I like sparkly things, I'm a magpie, what can I say? (Zara)

3. Zara had a whole bunch of these thick knit leggings in different styles a few weeks ago in stores. Hoping to score some on sale! (Zara)

4. A sparkly flat. Please refer to my comment on item #2, haha. (Aldo)

5. Red denim. (Old Navy)

6. Talulu button down shirt. I bought one on a previous boxing Day and it has become one of my fave button downs. Why? Because I don't have to iron them! (Aritzia)

7. Random? Maybe. I saw that Chapters had a whole bunch of these really cute bird ornaments before Christmas. I love them and I know they will probably be 50% off after Christmas. (Chapters Indigo)

8. My current iPhone case is really beat up. I won't be getting a new phone for another 10 months (damn contracts), so I might as well make the one I have look less sad. I think I've seen this particular one at Holt Renfrew. I will check around for one, but will probably end up getting one off eBay. (Shopbop)

9. I broke yet another hair dryer (don't ask). Winners and Walmart will be my go-to places to pick a new one up. (Conair)

- J

PS. Hard to believe it's Christmas Eve already...I hope everyone has a merry Christmas/happy holiday surrounded by laughter, friends and family!

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