Saturday, December 31, 2011

on the other side of the glass of my memory's museum

I honestly can't believe how quickly this year has flown by. Each year seems to go by faster and faster. While the year did have some up and downs, overall I think 2011 was pretty good to me.
Some great memories:
The epic homemade DOMO birthday cake from my bffs in January.
An amazing trip to Hong Kong and Thailand in April.
Getting my first DSLR in May.
J and I started this blog and getting to see each other on a regular basis.

Although, looking back, I don't think I've accomplished anything noteworthy in 2011. Here's hoping I'm more productive and ambitious in 2012.

Anyways, on to the outfit. I love leather and lace! Should have been obvious from my boxing day buys. I also love them mixed together, the contrast of the two makes things more visually interesting. If I had a faux fur stole I think that would have made this outfit a bit more wintery.
Wishing everyone a fun and safe new years!

[top: Forever 21 | shorts: H&M | tights: GAP | shoes: Ann Marino | nails: Revlon - Midnight Affair]

PS: I'm terrible at having self-control over the holidays, so until I shed the holiday lbs I will be living in tops with looser silhouettes!

- M

Thursday, December 29, 2011


shots 025

Today's outfit is definitely on the boyish side of the outfit spectrum, it's fun to change things up sometimes.

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday so far! Like M mentioned in her last post, we had a very successful Boxing Day shopping trip and I will probably post my buys in my next post.

shots 058
[bracelets & ring: H&M, Forever 21 | watch: Michael Kors]

shots 054

I am OBSESSED with these boots. Girls love them, straight men don't understand them, haha.

shots 048
[hat: H&M | shirt: Community (Aritzia) | cardigan: PURE by Alfred Sung (Zellers) | jeans: Club Monaco | boots: Sam Edelman]

- J

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

M buys: boxing day 2011

Happy Holidays readers! (mostly my mom haha)

I hope everyone has been filling their bellies with tons of delicious food. Yesterday J and I went boxing day shopping. We met at 7:30am and I didn't get home until 8:30pm! These are some of my favourite buys.

Italian leather driving gloves from Club Monaco

Faux leather moto jacket from Urban Outfitters

1. Lace dress from Zara | 2. Metallic skirt from H&M | 3. Faux leather trim leggings from H&M
Its currently snowing and all my sunlight is gone so above photos are from their respective brand websites.

I also got a tank and another circle scarf from Forever 21 and a few things from Bath and Body Works.

All in all it was a successful shopping day! I love shopping with J since we know each others' taste and sizes and have now worked out a efficient system to get in and out of stores with the items we're searching for.

If I had to give 3 tips for boxing day shopping they would be:
1. Go with someone who enjoys shopping and divide and conquer! (always have one person holding a place in line)
2. Hit the malls early and leave before lunch or hit the malls late 1-2 hours before closing to avoid the crowds.
3. Pack your patience! With the right mindset, the crowds and lines won't get to you.

- M

Saturday, December 24, 2011

J wants: boxing day

M and I have been Boxing Day shopping together on and off since we were both in high school. However, things have changed since then. We are now 3 years running in our now Boxing Day shopping tradition (previous years involved shopping with our moms but they have both said that they can't handle the crowds anymore).

Each year, we refine the way we shop to be as efficient as possible (call us nerds, but we go in with a game plan!). Also, we shop all day, which means getting up early and heading home after the stores close. Crazy? Maybe, but we love it!

(Side story: last year because Boxing Day fell on a Sunday, the subways didn't start until 9am, which is the same time that Eaton Centre opened. I bribed my dad with breakfast from McDonalds in exchange for a ride downtown so that we'd be there when the mall opened, haha.)

boxing day

Here is a list of what I am on the hunt for...

1. Fashion DVDs. Walmart and HMV always have great deals on DVDs after the holidays. Although I am not searching for big blockbuster hits, I am hoping to find some of the fashion films I have seen (or not seen yet!) on sale.

2. A sparkly/sequined mini. I like sparkly things, I'm a magpie, what can I say? (Zara)

3. Zara had a whole bunch of these thick knit leggings in different styles a few weeks ago in stores. Hoping to score some on sale! (Zara)

4. A sparkly flat. Please refer to my comment on item #2, haha. (Aldo)

5. Red denim. (Old Navy)

6. Talulu button down shirt. I bought one on a previous boxing Day and it has become one of my fave button downs. Why? Because I don't have to iron them! (Aritzia)

7. Random? Maybe. I saw that Chapters had a whole bunch of these really cute bird ornaments before Christmas. I love them and I know they will probably be 50% off after Christmas. (Chapters Indigo)

8. My current iPhone case is really beat up. I won't be getting a new phone for another 10 months (damn contracts), so I might as well make the one I have look less sad. I think I've seen this particular one at Holt Renfrew. I will check around for one, but will probably end up getting one off eBay. (Shopbop)

9. I broke yet another hair dryer (don't ask). Winners and Walmart will be my go-to places to pick a new one up. (Conair)

- J

PS. Hard to believe it's Christmas Eve already...I hope everyone has a merry Christmas/happy holiday surrounded by laughter, friends and family!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

come take my pulse, the pace is on a runaway train

I've always had an affinity for stripes. While I love experimenting with colours, I find most patterns to be intimidating. Stripes, however, are an easy way to work patterns into an outfit. They are effortlessly chic and classic and remind me of French / Parisian style.
I'm also currently obsessed with circle scarves! I picked up two this fall from forever21 in fun colours and have been wearing them non-stop. This fringe-y eggplant purple one was a great find.

I can't believe Christmas is almost here already! I'm slightly ashamed to admit it but right now the thing I'm most excited about is going boxing day shopping with J! I guess Christmas is less magical as you get older. As a child we didn't have Christmas in China and the first time I heard of Santa was when I was 5 years old was spending the holiday at my cousins' house. I concluded right away that it wasn't possible for him to exist. Then I proceeded to tell one of my cousins to watch her dad leave the apartment and come back with bags because those would be the presents from "Santa". Prehapes I should have picked a more festive childhood story to share, rather than the one of how I ruined Santa for a little girl haha. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

[dress worn as top and tights: H&M | skirt, scarf and bracelet: Forever 21 | belt: GAP | shoes: Liz Clairborne]

- M

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

this weather's bringing it all back again


Hard to believe that Christmas is less than a week away. I'm not going to lie, I still actually have one more gift to buy! 


Today's outfit is more on the simple and unfussy side. Cold weather actually makes me lazier in coming up with outfits, I just want to be warm and comfortable. Don't take that the wrong way though, I like comfortable clothing, but you will never catch me out in sweatpants, hoodies and yoga pants (those things are strictly for staying home, going to the gym/yoga). These Zara trousers are probably the closest thing to "comfy pants" I'll wear out. I love them, I probably should have bought another pair. Comfier than jeans, but more dressy than leggings.

[top: H&M | trousers: Zara | flats: Joe Fresh]

- J

Sunday, December 18, 2011

so i think it's time for us to have a toast

[dress and bracelets: H&M | bandeau: American Apparel | tights: Jessica | shoes: Ann Marino | ring: Banana Republic|polish: Revlon - Midnight Affair ]

Obligatory photo of me looking down and showing you my roots...haha.

This is what I wore to my company's holiday party last Saturday and my mom's holiday dinner yesterday. I have no problem repeating outfits! This dress was a part of H&M's Conscious collection from this past spring. In the preview photos I was on the fence about it, but once I tried it on I had to have it. In addition to bows, I also am a huge sucker for things with a scalloped hem. I did get multiple compliments on how cute the dress looked.

A photo from the original night last Saturday. I loved the hot pink top my coworker wore, so hopefully she will let me keep this photo up. Originally, I was also wearing Revlon's Red Velvet lip butter.It's amazing! I was too tired to remember to put it on the second time around.

- M

Friday, December 16, 2011

december snapshots

Here's a little peak into my world over the last while...


(From left to right, top to bottom)

Essie's Fall 2011 Collection. Remember my nails from this post? Well I submitted them to Flare Magazine when they were doing a feature on nails and got chosen as an editor's pick! I ended up winning the whole Essie fall collection!

Early Christmas presents from friends <3

New leopard print loafers from ALDO. I snatched them up quickly when they finally marked them down!

Rings from H&M. Minimalist. I like.


When I saw the Teambuy deal for American Apparel nail polish, I couldn't resist! $15 for 5 bottles! They are regularly $8.50/bottle in stores. This one is my fave from the bunch, first time finding a gold glitter with irregular flakes.

A belated birthday gift from Starbucks (another mug to my collection!). My cousin got it for me while she was in San Francisco over the summer (thanks Sharon!).

Sam Edelman Pax booties. I've been wearing these so often these days. Managed to score them for less than half their retail price at the Petite Feet Shoe Sale (no, I don't have petite feet, but this sale still carries other sizes and A TON of Sam Edelman shoes).

Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick. Never really wore lipstick that much before, but it has grown on me lately. Picked up another one at the Estee Lauder/MAC sale the other week. Also tried the new Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet. Hello new favourite lip colour!

What have all of you been up to lately?

- J

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

when the sun go down it's the magic hour

So due to the Marriott's terrible carpeting pattern, I can't bare to post the 2-3 photos I took at the company holiday party. I'm going to my mom's house for dinner this weekend so I will get a chance to reshoot the outfit there and post this weekend.

In the interim here is another blazer and pant combo. It is pretty clear that this has been my uniform lately. I'm on the hunt for longer blazers. Since I have a long torso and shorter legs in comparison, most blazers fit shorter on me than I'd like. Ideally, this white linen blazer would be another inch or two longer. Apologies for the dark lighting! Haven't worked out how to shoot outdoors after the sunset.

10 days left of christmas shopping!! I'm starting to get a bit nervous.

[blazer, necklace, bracelet and belt: H&M | top: Joe Fresh | pants: GAP | boots: Aerosoles | rings: Old Navy and Forever 21]

- M

Monday, December 12, 2011

I love gold

[blazer: Club Monaco | top: Everly (M for Mendocino) | jeans: Joe Fresh | boots: Topshop | hat: H&M | necklace: Forever 21 | cuff: Blue Vanilla]



Lots of gold details in today's outfit shot! I'll blame the jeans, it's what started it all. From the first time I saw them at Joe Fresh, I knew that I wanted them in my wardrobe. Now they make all my other bottoms look dull in comparison!

With the exception of skirts, I've always stuck to neutral coloured bottoms, but after this pair of metallic gold finished denim, the idea of having my pants as the point of interest in my outfits has really grown on me. Now I'm on the hunt for some red pants and maybe a pair of metallic silver jeans as well.


- J

PS. I am wearing that hat to death this season. $16 well spent.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

'cause i can't get enough, i can't get enough

Since my last couple of posts have been on the plainer side, here is something bright and fun.

It can be amazing what a belt can do for an outfit! This was one of those sweaters have zero hanger appeal. If it wasn't for the colour, I might not have tried it on. It looked massive on the hanger. I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it on and even decided to go up a size or two just so it would be even more drapey with a belt. I don't even mind wearing it super baggy without a belt.

My work holiday party is today so I will try and take photos for my next post! I purchased a dress from the H&M conscious collection from the past spring and have been dying for a chance to wear it. Look for it next week!

[top, skirt, tights and necklace: H&M | bracelets: Forever 21 | belt: Daiso | shoes: Ann Marino]

- M

Thursday, December 8, 2011

J Wants: christmas 2011 edition


It's hard to believe that it's already December the 8th! I am almost finished my Christmas shopping, how are all of you doing?

So in all good fun, this is my little list of what I'd like for Christmas this year! I think I've been a good girl for the most part ;)

1. Asymmetric Skirt $59.90, Zara
Haha, mullet skirt! My love of anything asymmetric continues.

2. The Fashion Book - Mini Edition $10.79, Chapters Indigo

3. Veronica Dress (Talula) $85, Aritzia
I currently don't own any dresses made from heavier weight fabrics. This one will go great with some warm tights, boots and cooler weather.

4. Mor Lip Macarons $10, Holt Renfrew
The flavors of these intrigue me! I'd love to try the peach nectar, lychee flower and blood orange ones.

5. Christian Louboutin $100.32, Chapters Indigo

6. Starbucks Logo Mug $8.95 USD, Starbucks
I collect Starbucks mugs. Sometimes friends will even bring back exclusive ones from different cities for me!

7. Monster Factory - Kyle (small) $12.95, Chapters Indigo
I refuse to be "too old" for stuffed toys, haha.

8. Vitello Lux "Bow Bag" (pale grey) $1595 USD, Miu Miu
I love this bag! It will definitely be the next one I own.

9. Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet $165, Tiffany & Co.
I have the same heart tag on a necklace. I think this bracelet would be cute stacked with my Michael Kors watch.

- J

(all images sourced from the links above)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

you know it all by heart, why are you standing in one place

[tank and blazer: H&M | pants: GAP | belt: Joe Fresh | necklaces and ring: Forever 21 | shoes: Pure Alfred Sung]

I enjoy understated outfits a lot. Sometimes less can be more, especially when your day is full of different errands to run and functions to attend. This was an weekend outfit I wore to a lunch, grocery shopping, and a dinner.
Speaking of weekends this past Saturday, J and I had a full day of shopping: estee lauder/mac sale, lisa's cosmetics, and markville shopping centre. My favourite purchases had to have been Mac's Bare Study paintpot ($12) & Smashbox Hype lipgloss ($5.99). I think it's time to seriously start holiday shopping, I've only crossed 3 people off my list so far...
For those of you celebrating the holidays, hope you are making your way through your lists.

- M

Sunday, December 4, 2011

all dressed up & no where to go


Haha, don't let the title of this post fool you. I was actually all dressed up for an event being held at school. The theme was Breakfast at Tiffany's, so naturally my class was all dressed in little black dresses. It was a fun night and judging from my tired face in my photos, it was an exhausting night as well! Overall, my class ran a very successful event and we were all so glad when it was all over. It's always great to see the results of weeks of hard work and planning!

A side note about my dress, it was custom made to my measurements by two very talented sisters based in Toronto!



[dress: Lipgloss and Black on Etsy | shoes: Christian Louboutin | earrings: Club Monaco]

- J

Friday, December 2, 2011

it’s so loud inside my head

TGIF! My brain has yet to process the fact that the holidays are almost upon us. I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet, but I have starting making my list and writing down gift ideas. I've been drawn to bright colours in an effort to combat gloomy pre-winter weather. I love colour blocking with accessories and mixing multiple colours. It is a fun way to add colour to your day and stand out against the sea of black and grey.
I won't lie, I don't really have much winter specific clothing. I tend to wear the same things throughout the year and just add layers and wool/down-filled jackets during the subzero months. I think one time I counted 9 layers...

[sweater: Zara | skirt and bracelet: Forever 21 | scarf: random vendor in China | belt and shoes: Joe Fresh]

- M