Friday, November 4, 2011

you start to wonder why you're here not there

Another overdue post from late summer. I never realized how much of my closet was comprised of items from H&M until I started blogging. I would blame it on working 2 minutes away from one, but my closet was already packed with H&M prior to my office's relocation.
My affinity for bows must be obvious as well. Looking back at my posts, I'm wearing something with a bow, more often then not.

On to the outfit at hand. I got this pale pink (unfortunately, the lighting in the photos washes out the colour) shift dress last fall and grew to enjoy it so much, that I purchased another one in black, when it came out this year. Does anyone else have a habit of buying backups in other colours?

[dress & belt: H&M | cardigan: Joe Fresh | shoes: GAP | ring & bracelet: Forever 21 | nail polish: Sally Hansen - Gunmetal]

- M

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