Thursday, November 24, 2011

i said maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me

[top: H&M | blazer: Zara | pants: GAP | shoes: Aerosoles]

Something about the equestrian look really appeals to me. It might be because it is a classic preppy look, that or I secretly want to be a jockey. Excuse the messy bed head look, this is basically what my hair looks like when it air dries. I have natural waves which are more prominent when I get layered haircuts.
One thing that can be painful about photography is finding the right lighting. My blazer is actually black and my blouse a champagne colour, but stark sunlight washes both out. Somehow they read navy and off white? I do enjoy the monochromatic trend that seems to be popping up in magazines and runways, but I still wish the photos were true to the colours of the outfit. Oh well, next time.

- M


  1. I love the shirt! And the red belt, oh, how I miss having the time to pick out outfits and having fun with it...I need a Christmas party inspiration, ideas?

  2. thanks Julia!
    I can't imagine how busy it can get when you are a mom! It is still important to treat yourself every now and then and take some time to pick outfits that make you feel dressed up or special :)

    For holiday parties I think black and white outfits with a pop of bright colour or something with sequins for an accessory is classic and chic.