Thursday, December 22, 2011

come take my pulse, the pace is on a runaway train

I've always had an affinity for stripes. While I love experimenting with colours, I find most patterns to be intimidating. Stripes, however, are an easy way to work patterns into an outfit. They are effortlessly chic and classic and remind me of French / Parisian style.
I'm also currently obsessed with circle scarves! I picked up two this fall from forever21 in fun colours and have been wearing them non-stop. This fringe-y eggplant purple one was a great find.

I can't believe Christmas is almost here already! I'm slightly ashamed to admit it but right now the thing I'm most excited about is going boxing day shopping with J! I guess Christmas is less magical as you get older. As a child we didn't have Christmas in China and the first time I heard of Santa was when I was 5 years old was spending the holiday at my cousins' house. I concluded right away that it wasn't possible for him to exist. Then I proceeded to tell one of my cousins to watch her dad leave the apartment and come back with bags because those would be the presents from "Santa". Prehapes I should have picked a more festive childhood story to share, rather than the one of how I ruined Santa for a little girl haha. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

[dress worn as top and tights: H&M | skirt, scarf and bracelet: Forever 21 | belt: GAP | shoes: Liz Clairborne]

- M

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