Thursday, October 27, 2011

'cause there's a side to you that i never knew, never knew

I can definitely appreciate the quality in high-end items but I have no shame in admitting I enjoy bargain hunting. I'm one of those people that get excited by a good deal. This red corduroy skirt was only $12 or $14 from Forever21. There definitely are pieces worth investing in, however it is still possible to look polished without spending a ton.
I wore this to a lazy afternoon brunch at Eggsmart, so it was all about comfortable casual. Anyone else share my love for breakfast foods at all times of the day? I like making eggs for dinner regularly.

[t-shirt & skirt: Forever21 | trench coat & scarf: H&M | belt: Daiso | tights: Joe Fresh | shoes: Ann Marino]

- M


  1. I'm wearing a forever21 skirt and tights today as well! haha ... what a coincidence.