Monday, October 3, 2011

but i'm here in my mold, i am here in my mold

Thanks to the the duo from clothesencounters on youtube, I was inspired to try out a red lip look for the first time! The close-up in the above picture makes the shade look brighter, but it is truer to colour in the other shots. I can see why it is such a classic look. A red lip really does brighten your face and add colour to outfits. Anyways it's Monday, so I'll keep it short.

Hope everyone has a good week!

[blouse: Smart Set | t-shirt: Forever 21 | pants & bracelets: H&M | shoes: Ann Marino | pocket watch: Ebay]

- M


  1. bitter sweet symphony? I love the pocket watch!

  2. and the lipstick looks great on you, my favourite red is from shiseido- perfect rouge

  3. haha yes! I love that song! all of my titles are song lyrics because its laziness disguised as creativity :)
    Thanks Julia, I was obsessed and hunted down 3 pocket watches back in 2009. They are becoming more common now.