Monday, September 12, 2011

J Buys: Estee Lauder/MAC Warehouse Sale

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend the Estee Lauder/MAC cosmetics warehouse sale. The sale is by invite only and happens a couple of time a year. I first heard of it a few years ago and always wanted to check it out, but never was able to get tickets! FYI, I got tickets through a friend I met over the summer who happens to be an Estee Lauder beauty advisor! She's the best!

Please excuse the poor quality of the following two pictures, M (and her DSLR) was unable to join me at this sale, so I brought my mom instead. I tried to "stealthily" snap some iPhone photos of the crowd lol...


The sale opened at 10am, I got there at 9:20am and already there were this many people ahead of me. There was a surprisingly large amount of men accompanying their wives and girlfriends at this event!


The line was out the door by 9:45am!


My "haul", clockwise from the front:
  • MAC false lashes $4
  • Clinique Even Better skin tone corrector $30
  • Estee Lauder facial scrub $12
  • MAC select sheer loose powder $0 (free gift)
  • Estee Lauder & MAC lipsticks and lipglosses $10 each

My mom did more damage than me and bought a lot of Estee Lauder skincare. I didn't spend a lot because I've learned over the years from many sample/warehouse sales, it's only a deal if you use what you buy!!

There was a lot of selection at this sale from a variety of brands. Mostly I saw Estee Lauder, MAC, Clinique, Origins, a little bit of Bobbi Brown and miscellaneous perfumes (Coach and DKNY are the only two I can remember).

Overall, the sale was better than I expected and everyone was very civilized. Minimal pushing and shoving for the most part. The only disappointing thing was that they didn't have the $5 charity packs (of miscellaneous MAC cosmetics) that I heard were available at previous sales.

- J

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